Dear Customer:

We regret to inform you that — subject to the approval of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) — due to increased underlying service provider costs, Blue Casa Telephone will stop providing your local telephone service and all other services, such as intrastate and interstate long distance, toll-free call termination, and remote call forwarding services, internet and international calling services, effective December 12, 2023.

Your action is required! You must select a new local telephone provider as quickly as possible but no later than November 12, 2023. If you do not select a new local telephone provider on or before November 12, 2023, the CPUC may require that your service be transferred automatically to another carrier and, if not, your service will be disconnected on December 12, 2023. Generally, you can find a list of most local telephone service providers in your local telephone directory.

You will also need to select a new provider for all other services you currently receive from Blue Casa if they will not be provided by your new local provider. If your long distance services are not currently provided by Blue Casa, you should contact your current long distance provider to ensure that your current long distance calling plan is not changed as a result of your change in your local service. If you do not contact your long distance provider, you may be charged basic rates (non-calling plan rates) for long distance calls.

Please be aware that you are responsible for paying all bills rendered to you by Blue Casa Telephone during this transition. You may be subject to suspension or termination of your phone service in accordance with CPUC rules if you fail to pay your telephone bill.

If your account is subject to a refund, please contact us at 866-566-2583 to request a refund check.

If you have questions or require assistance regarding the discontinuation of any of your services, please contact Blue Casa Telephone at 866-566-2583. Finally, if you no longer want local service, please contact us to disconnect your service.

The FCC will normally authorize this proposed discontinuance of service unless it is shown that customers would be unable to receive service or a reasonable substitute from another carrier or that the public convenience and necessity is otherwise adversely affected. If you wish to object, you should file your comments as soon as possible, but no later than 15 days after the Commission releases public notice of the proposed discontinuance. You may file your comments electronically through the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System using the docket number established in the Commission’s public notice for the discontinuance proceeding, or you may address them to the Federal Communications Commission, Wireline Competition Bureau, Competition Policy Division, Washington, DC 20554, and include in your comments a reference to the § 63.71 Application of Blue Casa Telephone, LLC. Comments should include specific information about the impact of this proposed discontinuance upon you or your company, including any inability to acquire reasonable substitute service.

Blue Casa Telephone regrets any inconvenience this change may cause you.

Blue Casa Telephone

Accessibility Support: If you need a copy of this notice in braille or large print format, please call 866-566-2586.

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**Based on applicable address. Long Distance plan purchase required. Promotional monthly rate is guaranteed for the first three months, for customers who pay their entire bill balance by the billing due date. Customers who purchase a Long Distance bundle and pay their monthly balance on time will receive a bill credit in months 1-3 for the amount of the Long Distance plan, up to $10 ($7 for 100 LD minutes or $10 for 200 US/Mexico, 500 US/Mexico, 400 US, 1000 US minutes). Promotional credit will end after month 3 and the customer will be billed at the prevailing rates. Connection and other charges may apply. If entire bill balance is not paid by billing due date, an additional $2.99 will be incurred and customers will not receive bill credit for long distance plan. Unused Long Distance minutes will carry over into the following month for customers who pay their entire monthly balance by the billing due date.
***Carry Over minutes expire after 12 months.